Laban Dance Icosahedron: a prototype

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Rudolf Laban was a dancer, choreographer and movement theorist (https://www.theatrefolk.com/blog/the-eight-efforts-laban-movement/). One of Laban’s most enduring contributions to dance is his notation – this notation acts as a way of recording movement and communicating dance, much like a musical score communicates between a composer and a… Read More »Laban Dance Icosahedron: a prototype

Spherical Pendulums

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Finding the governing equations, and forming a strategy for creating a really basic solver given some initial conditions: Then using this code to draw some pendulums and their movements through time: For a simple pendulum, plotting its x and y coordinated with time, without any… Read More »Spherical Pendulums

The world is inside out

Another day, another door on the tube. But, Donald J. Trump is now president elect of the United States, so I can’t be more odd than the median(ish) American.

The inside out

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Today I carried an ebay-ed door across London. The second door can wait, my forearms hurt. But, so many people engaged with it – mostly with jokes, knocking on it, or making up stories as to why it was there. There was something about this door,… Read More »The inside out

Getting started with Grasshopper: Working neatly, working with list data

First, good sources of information: http://grasshopperprimer.com/ http://wiki.bk.tudelft.nl/toi-pedia/Grasshopper http://www.grasshopper3d.com/ Meta-source: https://explodebreps.wordpress.com/grasshopper-resources/ Book: AAD_Algorithms-Aided Design by Fulvio Wirz   I am starting to use Grasshopper in anger now – and am managing to create things more quickly, and explore ideas that usually very hard, compared modelling by… Read More »Getting started with Grasshopper: Working neatly, working with list data