More polyhedra models

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Using a workflow from Great Stella to Rhino to T2Laser I have been able to radically improve my ability to produce quality models of polyhedra – creating accurately cut and scored nets using an off-brand Eleksmaker A3+ laser cutter. I have used thin double sided tape to attach single tabs to alternate faces. I have found a paper (<100gsm) is good for smaller models (diameter <150mm) and a thin card (about 150gsm) works well with larger models.

I have produced new models of the great stellated icosahedron and 13th stellation of the icosahedron, as well as the great rhombihexacrons of a previous post. Great Stella has been very helpful in improving my understanding of stellation, and the more complex forms that are possible. It’s updating stellation diagrams (I am yet to get my head around cell diagrams) have helped me understand Magnus Wenninger’s Polyhedron Models, which I hadn’t engaged with properly prior.

Great stellated dodecahedrons (about 250mm diameter)
Net for 13th stellation of the icosahedron, folded and with tape applied
Internal view under construction
Completed original model
Completed model and larger model

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