Commute Length Analysis: user input with help from Google maps, a pretty version

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It has been a long time since I made this, but it was an interesting exploration at the time – and it has languished on a back page of this site for too long.

Userform connecting google maps to a survey

This was made as an abortive attempt to improve my work on a ‘commute survey’ – which used a list of employee addresses to assess the change in commute times due to a move of office. This version shows the route google maps has calculated between the office at the time, the time expected, and allows you to press submit to put your response into a google sheet for further analysis.

In the end, I wasn’t fast enough to get this working well before I needed to start gathering results, and wasn’t able to overcome the barriers to doing many, many requests to google maps for journey details (about 50 responders, with a couple of commute modes each [people were assumed to walk or cycle if it were close enough – in reality this could have been scrapped], return trips, and multiple potential new offices). This lack of ability to collect lots of points also scuppered the idea of making a ‘commute time heat map’ of many locations through London.

You can have a look here:

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